Janet Leiper has served as the Integrity Commissioner to the City of Toronto and as independent counsel to health professions and mental health hearing panels. She has extensive experience in the prosecution, defence and adjudication of Law Society discipline cases and has conducted investigations, provided advice and education and assisted in policy development. She is available for a range of services for governments, boards, and self-governing bodies including:

  • Advice on policy and design of ethical infrastructure, Codes of Conduct, Protocols and Policies
  • Dispute Resolution for Code of Conduct Complaints
  • Complaint Investigation for Municipal Governments under Codes of Conduct
  • Conduct Investigations for publicly regulated institutions; self-governing bodies and statutory corporations
  • Public Inquiries under the Public Inquiries Act
  • Education and Training for elected and appointed officials on the application of ethical infrastructure, conflict of interest and creating a culture of integrity
  • Custom-designed conflict of interest seminars for self-regulated professions, agencies, commissions or boards


“As a widely-respected lawyer and adjudicator, Janet Leiper has drawn on her extensive legal experience to serve the public interest. For the past five years, she played an essential role in upholding the City’s highest ethical standards as the Integrity Commissioner. All members of the public benefited from her resolve and dedication to providing a strong voice for professionalism and good conduct.”

—City of Toronto, August 25, 2014